Can fat sims lose weight in sims 3

Eat whatever you want, with that ice cream for desert. One of the teens is athletic so she worked out on her own. I made the fatest sim u can ever make and i just wanna know, if i ever want to make her skinny, how i can do it. An answer will come soon. I was fishing for a while. Not sure if the apple method still works still, but if it does, it would probably be a much faster alternative to raiding the fridge. We're looking into a solution to simultaneously satisfy two conflicting, yet identical desires. Edit: Just to clarify - Can fat sims lose weight in sims 3 mean when you drag out the belly in CAS vs just using the weight slider. Now he looks like a beefcake. Gonna assume it varies on how fat the Sim is and how much you make the Sim work out.

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Read more on the blog! Can your Sim lose weight in The Sims 4? I have a male sim who looks like he is in his second trimester of pregnancy and no matter how many times I send him to work out, he is still fat. The weight thing gets tedious. They have made it a bit harder for sims to gain weight but Colton is right. Lose weight sims 3 you want to keep them trim, it's the treadmill and salads forever.

Also, don't feed them until their hunger is in the yellow or red. I made a Sim as large as I could just to do a weight loss challenge. Swimming, treadmill, and salads slowly did the trick. I took a screenshot each week. After week four I got totally bored with that save and never got any farther with her. I've noticed that if they originally had a pot bellied shape, when they were made in CAS or generated as a townie, you can run them on the treadmill day and night and that Sims 4 weight lose cheat belly just won't ever die.

At least in my game. I had one particular townie that I adopted into a household and she was pear-shaped. She lost width to where her ribs were showing but the pot belly, just nope. I gave her some cas. Edit: Just to clarify - I mean when you drag out the belly in CAS vs just using the weight slider. I think dragging it out just makes it part of their shape. Post edited by lovebypondside on October 0.

This link shows how to do it with cheats Has the massive muscle growth from non-weightlifting exercise been fixed yet? I never gained any pleasure from all the cooking options once I realised that my sims had to eat nothing but salad Lose weight sims 3 do no exercise in order to stay close to the shape I made them. I Lose weight sims 3 played in 6 months so I have no idea how it is now.

I made a fat Sim and had him pump iron to try and slim him down. A little afterwards I find out I needed to use treadmills to do that. Now he looks like a beefcake. On the bright side, he's not being chased by hordes of female Sims. I need to get my mind out of the '80s Remember those movies where "unintelligent" blondes kept going after the guys on Muscle Beach? I had a sim that started in tip top condition then she gained quite a bit of weight and then lost it all by completing the Athletic aspiration.

I have noticed that if you don't keep them active they will lose muscle tone and start gaining weight back. I'm currently playing a save with Amber where I had her lose weight and so far she's turned out ok. I just had her use the treadmill and eat salad. Taste of Diet ice cream. That's how Amber slimmed down in my game. Eat whatever you want, with that ice cream for desert. She's a Foodie, so didn't want to deny her that vice. The problem with using an insta-lean potion is that they become real skinny in all aspects.

TankCraze This is true. I once tested it on a large sim and it turned her into a living skeleton. I like how slow it is to lose weight it's alot more realistic. In past games all you need to do to is hop on a treadmill for 3 hours and you go back down to slim which was really unrealistic. In Sims Lose weight sims 3 it takes days to lose weight and not just exercise but diet as well and that adds something to work towards.

My current family is all getting Sims 3 sims lose weight weight too. One of the teens is athletic so she worked out on her own. She lost the weight easily, seemed like over night really. Her sister and brother, not so easy. The parents have really tried but loosing very little after several workouts. Hmmmm sounds like real life lol 1. Only the weight bench makes you super bulky now.

Boxing and Lose weight sims 3 have been toned down, and treadmill and jogging just burns fat. Swimming too, I think swimming is great stress relief after work, too. Are you guys doing the exercise routine and stopping once it's done or do you continue with "push the limits"?

Sims 3 sims lose weight

Can fat sims on sims 3 lose weight

Sims 4 weight lose cheat

Jul 12,  · Can Sims 3 sims lose weight? If so then how can they? the fat is finally coming off. In the sims 3 can i lose weight if i gained weght?. Lose Up To 8 Lbs 1 Week - Want To Lose Weight Quickly? Take 30% OFF TryFoodLovers | Try Food Lovers Fat Loss System Diet. Can sims lose weight? Summerjase Posts: September edited September in General Discussion. I know there was a way to have them lose weight in the Sims 3. Fat Sims Lose weight. Has anyone got there fat Sims to lose weight. I'd like to lose the fast metabolism award so I can try to get her fat. The Sims 3: Pets Answers for How do you make fat sims lose weight? Anyway i thought it would be fun to push this sim into losing weight & then i thought can.

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