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With jobs being cut and retirement accounts seemingly shrinking by the day, it's too bad our waistlines aren't dwindling, too. We can't rectify that cosmic injustice, but in this issue we aim to help you figure out the most effective, least expensive ways to stay trim and fit. Though most Americans find themselves overweight by middle age, an enviable minority stay slim throughout their lives. Are those people just genetically gifted?

Or do they, too, have to work at keeping down their weight? And now we have our answer: People who have never become overweight aren't sitting in recliners with a bowl of corn chips in their laps. In our group of always-slim respondents, a mere 3 percent reported that they never exercised and that they ate whatever they pleased. The eating and exercise habits of the vast majority of the always-slim group look surprisingly like those of people Weight loss on a budget blog have successfully lost weight and kept it off.

Both groups eat healthful foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and eschew excessive dietary fat; practice portion control; and exercise vigorously and regularly. The only advantage the always-slim have over the successful dieters is that those habits seem to come a bit more naturally to them.

For our respondents, that meant exercising a little more and eating with a bit more restraint than an always-thin person—plus using more monitoring strategies such as weighing themselves or keeping a food diary. A total of 21, readers completed the survey. The always thin, who had never been overweight, comprised 16 percent of our sample. Successful losers made up an additional 15 percent.

We defined that group as people who, at the time of the survey, weighed at least 10 percent less than they did at their heaviest, and had been at that lower weight for at least three years. Failed dieters, who said they would like to slim down yet still weighed at or near their lifetime high, were, sad to say, the largest group: 42 percent.

The remaining Weight loss on a budget blog percent of respondents, such as people who had lost weight more recently, didn't fit into any of the categories. An encouraging note: More than half of our successful losers reported shedding the weight themselves, without aid of a commercial diet program, a medical treatment, a book, or diet pills. That confirms what we found in our last Weight loss on a budget blog diet survey, inin which 83 percent of "superlosers"—people who'd lost at least 10 percent of their starting weight and kept it off for five years or more—had done it entirely on their own.

Through statistical analyses, we were able to identify six key behaviors that correlated the most strongly with having a healthy body mass index BMIa measure of weight that takes height into account. Always-thin people were only slightly less likely than successful losers to embrace each of the behaviors—and significantly more likely to do so than failed dieters.

By following the behaviors, you can, quite literally, live like a thin person. Weight loss on a budget blog all the eating behaviors we asked about, carefully controlling portion size at each meal correlated most strongly with having a lower BMI. Successful losers—even those who were still overweight—were especially likely 62 percent to report practicing portion control at least five days per week. So did 57 percent of the always thin, Weight loss on a budget blog only 42 percent of failed dieters.

Specifically, that means restricting fat to less than one-third of daily calorie intake. Fifty-three percent of successful losers and 47 percent of the always thin said they did that five or more days a week, compared with just 35 percent of failed dieters. Eat fruits and vegetables. The more days that respondents ate five or more servings of fruits or vegetables, the lower their average BMI score. Forty-nine percent of successful losers and the always thin said they ate that way at least five days a week, while 38 percent of failed dieters did so.

Choose whole grains over refined. People with lower body weights consistently opted for whole-wheat breads, cereals, and other grains over refined white grains.

Weight loss on a budget blog

Weight Loss on a Budget. Page Section Navigation Go to: Header blog posts, and pictures. Share Your Stories. Ask The Experts. weight had never been an issue. This blog is now my weight loss journey "Take 2". If you have a product that you would like featured or reviewed on Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget ;. Healthy eating on a budget. How To Break a Weight Loss Plateau. Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight. Losing The Last 10lbs. How Weight Loss Changes You. You can lose weight and get healthy as a You can lose weight and get healthy as a family while sticking to a budget. 83 Cheap, Healthy Foods for Meals in. Weight Loss on a Budget: The Simple Diet with Dr. James crayon cake; What the Facebook Branded Content Tool Means for Bloggers.

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